Shine Laundry Self-Service Laundromat
Open 7am-9pm. 365 Days a year.

We are located at 33 Montague Rd, between the (currently-closed) corner shop and The Shine Laundry Wash/Dry/Fold  pick-up room. Our machines take credit cards and quarters (we have a change machine - no $20 bills - on site for Shine customers.) We also have a coin-operated laundry detergent dispenser. Last dryer load is at 8:30pm. We are a small laundry with 9 washers (2 triple loaders, 2 doubles and 5 large single loaders) and 8 dryers. There is a lot of turn-over - if all the machines are full something will open up quickly! We are busiest after 4pm.

"What if I leave my clothes by mistake?" Clothes left in a dryer will be put on the folding tables. Clothes left in washers will be left overnight. If they aren't retrieved by 9am they will be dried (so they don't start to get that funky wet laundry smell!) and held for dryer cost plus a $5 handling fee per dryer load. Random items left at the laundry will be  put in the lost & found at the back of the laundry.

All clothes left more than 1 week will be donated to charity. If you contact us we can usually hold them longer if you need.

Shine can't be responsible for clothes that you leave unattended but we do our best to help if you leave your clothes by mistake.

Tips On Using The Machines

  1. Don't use too much soap! These high-efficiency Wascomat washing machines need very little soap - only 2Tb per load!

  2. Put detergent in the back left compartment. If you're laundry is very dirty put a small amount (1 Tb!) in the prewash (front left) compartment as well.

  3. PUT PODS IN WITH YOUR LAUNDRY not in the compartments - they dissolve better that way and don't clog the machines.

  4. PUT QUARTERS IN SLOWLY so they don't get stuck.
  5. Dryers: leave space for air to circulate around your clothes. If they are over-full they will not dry efficiently.


  1. The Dryer says "Door" and won't start. This means the lint drawer is open. The lint drawer is the black box below the machine.

  2. The machine says "CPU Levels High". This means there is too much soap/suds. Solution: try pushing the grey knob to restart and run your load again. Add fabric softener if you have it to bring down the suds.

  3. The washing machine door is locked with laundry inside. This means either there was too much soap/suds or a piece of laundry is stuck in the door. See #2. If the door doesn't open w/in 5 minutes call the number on the wall.

  4. Your credit card won't swipe. Sometimes the card readers get gunk in them and it takes multiple swipes to read. Try swiping from bottom up.

  5. Your quarter got stuck or the coin drop won't take more quarters. This is because they were put in too quickly. Push the silver coin return button multiple times to get the stuck coin(s) to release. If they don't, call the number on the wall.