Student Prepay Drop-off Laundry Plans

Student Special for New Customers! Free set of any size sheets when you purchase either a 5 or 10 load Pack. Purchase the pack, send us an email of your receipt and a photo of your i.d. ( and tell us what size and preferable color. A set of new sheets is on us. Shine on!

How Shine Student Pre-Pay Packs Work:

  • The average load of laundry is 20lbs +/-
  • With a pre-pay pack we average that over 5 or 10 loads (100 or 200 lbs of laundry) and you get 10% off the price
  • Each time you use your pre-pay we tell you how many you've got left. The Prepay Packs are good for a year and then expire.
  • We keep track of #lbs and tell you. If you're way over we'll tell you and your last load will be forfeited (if you're way under we'll add one!)
  • PLEASE TEXT US A COPY OF A VALID STUDENT I.D. when you purchase a pre-pay plan. (If you're not a student and are looking for convenience of pre-paying, text us: we can keep your credit card on file!)